Sunday, February 13, 2011

How to get ride of the perverts?

Now that my new website chatocracy has opened for one week, we start to see our first visitors.

The problem we have is that many of them seem to simply enjoy taking naked picture of themselves for all of us to see.

Since we use a rating system, if we had enough visitors the perverts should be automatically put at the very end of the list and be invisible to the normal visitors. But for the moment they keep showing up and may scare the other people away.

We think of several strategies we are going to use to hide them without relying on the rating system. The simplest one would be to simply allow the visitors to specify that they are indeed going to take off there clothes on the webcam. We could also try to automatically detect the offending pictures.

Whatever we do, we hope that soon we'll get screenshot of our page looking different that the one I put here!

1 comment:

Porn Search Engine said...

Maybe you just create two versions of your site, one for the perverts and one for the normal people... why fight against them - use them :)