Friday, January 9, 2009

Short story written in collaboration (french)

A long time ago, I wrote a short story with two of my friends.

The idea was than one of us would write a chapter, and then the next one would write the next chapter and so one.

we were totally free to make the story goes in any direction.

We never really finish this project, but the story become so complicated than none of us would really know what was going on anyway.

I guess we'll never know what happens after the two "sponge-shaped alien" came out of there flying saucer during the 1789 French revolution...

Anyway, i publish here all the chapters, it is in french of course. I can't tell exactly who wrote what.

For those who can read french, it is actually quite funny (at least we had a lot of fun writing it.)

I proudly present, an inunderstandable short story in 13 chapters by Patricia, Yannick and Guillaume : "Helvin contre Nerfdacier" :

- chapitre 1
- chapitre 2
- chapitre 3
- chapitre 4
- chapitre 5
- chapitre 6
- chapitre 7
- chapitre 8
- chapitre 9
- chapitre 10
- chapitre 11
- chapitre 12
- chapitre 13

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