Wednesday, December 12, 2007

cosmopilous drawing


fa said...

oh my god
this is just tooooo cute

vxd said...

je t'ai écris un mail à charlie137 at gmail dot com, est ce que le mail est toujours bon ?
bonne année et bonne continuation !

Anonymous said...

oh i would love to see you update again:(
wait for so long.....


Guillaume Chéreau said...

Hello fa, I tried to send you an email but it didn't work. Did you change your email address ?

Anyway, Yeah I am quite busy with other things those days, can't update my blog.

Don't worry, it will come back ;-)

Drop me an email if you read that, so I can write you back in private.

- gui

Anonymous said...

i've written to you from another account. did you get it:)?


Anonymous said...

finally get my msn account work again and already send you email. let me know if you read that:)...fa