Thursday, October 25, 2007

Helvin Space Trip ! What is going on ?

Some people are asking what is going on with my video game... Well, I haven't been working a lot on it recently, but I did continue the story a little bit.

I think I will come out with the first playable version next year (we have to be patient cause I work very slowly) I will also design a real web site for the game engine so that interested people can use it to create there own games (everything is under GPL license).

Here are the pictures of some animals from the zoo (in the game the zoo is in fact a machine that can produce animals from DNA information, one of the puzzles is to mix some of the DNAs to create a specific animal)

Here is a draft for a background. The machines are tele-transporters, if you hack it you can turn it into a replicator, then you will have to duplicate yourself (and later kill one of your self :-) )


Anonymous said...

just link here from eric's blog

these animals and zoo are lovely
you're really good at drawing creatures from outer space!

Anonymous said...

i have another one in english

if you want to see more paper dolls you can visit there