Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The everything machine

I just wrote a small science fiction text that explains how we could create a machine that grants any wish.

It is based on the quantum suicide experiment. In short : We exist in many universes, and only the ones where we are alive are to be considered real.
So if we can program a machine to kill us if we don't get the things we want, then we would be sure to get it, because only the reality branches where our wishes have been granted become real.

Such a machine could be use to win at gambling for example, or to become the ruler of the planet.

And this time, I wrote in English.

link to the pdf


Eric Daniels said...

Interesting... I was searching Google for "everything machine" (I was trying to convince a friend that the iPhone is a device which can become almost any device imaginable)... and I found this.

It's an amazing coincidence, because I've just written an iPhone app which actually uses quantum physics to split your universe into alternate branches of reality:

However, I strongly advise against doing any "quantum suicide" experiments with my app, because I don't believe that branches of reality where you die don't exist; I believe both branches are very real. So really, in my view, every quantum suicide experiment leads to your own death -- with even more certainty than Russian roulette!

In any case, please check it out...

-- Eric

Guillaume Chéreau said...

Eric Daniels : Your app is funny, maybe you could also create a quantum dice that create 6 branches of the universe.

Of course this kind of application would only have practical usage if we could connect it to a machine that would kill the user (or preferably the whole universe). Maybe iPhone store should provide such accessory ;)